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Holiday Home's Accommodations

Green Peace Holiday Home offers accommodations like Deluxe rooms, Deluxe twin bedroom, Deluxe king size twin bedroom. Green Peace Holiday Home is one among the best to provide comfortable stay in an affordable price, offers you a wide array of accommodation options at an unbeatable value. These cosy rooms are designed to give you a great night’s sleep with an orthopaedic mattress, excellent sound insulation and near-perfect black-out curtains. The rooms offer you ‘close to home’ comfort and keep that spring in your step, when you travel on business. We help make your stay ‘just right’ with our high speed WiFi, satellite television, mini bars and well-appointed bathrooms with bathtubs, including one for differently abled guests. The rooms also have a workstation and an ergonomically designed chair, to make business on the go productive.

deluxe room

From 2,500/-

Deluxe Room

Our Deluxe room is one of the best accommodation options in Wayanad, with stunning panoramic views. It offers restaurants serving a wide range of mouth-watering cuisine, including the renowned Rib Room with one king size bed. Alternatively, visit the dream defeating views for the ultimate in sophistication and glamour.


From 2,500/-

Deluxe Twin Bedroom

The bedrooms are elegantly decorated with two separate beds. The bathrooms are luxuriously furnished with most modern amenities which offer the everyone a memorable stay. We are offering a luxurious a stay with an affordable rate in the laps of Wayanad.


From 5,000/-

Deluxe King Size Twin Bedroom

Our king size twin bedroom is extremely spacious with two king size beds. Its offering a mind-blowing view of tea garden and mountains. The fascinating views can be absorbed from balcony. We are providing modern bathroom with most modern amenities in Deluxe King Size Twin Bedroom.

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