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sight seeing

Wayanad Sightseeing Packages

Home to fascinating legends, mysterious mountain caves, hidden treasures, aborigine tribes, treehouses, jungle trails and exotic wild life, this little known district of Kerala is the perfect setting for a hundred great adventures!
A unique opportunity to experience the beauty of Wayanad Greeneries, flora and fauna, Village life through muthanga and other places with traditional Veg. Kerala Lunch.
The Western Ghats serving as a huge barrier shielding Kerala from the rest of the peninsular India, there have always been a small trickle of visitors transgressing this mountain terrain.

honeymoon packages

Honeymoon Packages

Green Peace Holiday is a real haven of peace. With a safe and calm political context, mild climate in all seasons, it’s interesting culture. For most romantic honeymoon destinations and find some best and most popular romantic places for couples. Whether you've visited these spots or you are going to plan to visit, they're certain to get you in the mood for love. These places can make your loved one special or re-ignite your love relationship. Honeymoon tours offer luxury, deluxe and affordable low cost romantic getaways packages and honeymoon tours. The romantic destinations and sightseeing are most romantic places in Wayanad with all the activities which bring the couple closer.


Trekking Packages

Wayanad is a hilly district that is quite different from the regular Hill Stations. In Wayanad trekking, there is no long linear route present. Wayanad trekking offers small trails that can be finished in just one day, some lasting only a few hours.
Although this may not seem exciting enough, you will be surprised at the challenges you come across while trekking in Wayanad.